10 Ways To Use Private Label Rights Content

Just like #7, you can divide the content and make it into multiple posts. They can brand it with their affiliate link and you didnt have to spend a lot of time filling up your tools center.

Seven:: Mini-Course

Turn the private label rights into a report and give it away freely to all who join your email list.

To Your Online Success,

Steven J. Each point could be put into PowerPoint then recorded with Camtasia. Load them into your autoresponder and you have an immediate series or course.

Heres a list of ten.

Six:: Special Report

This article (if it were a PLR) would be a solid video. No junk, just the best of the best.

The links to the resources mentioned in the article:

For Nicheology: imrplan.com/go.php?13615/3

For Content Gold Mine: imrplan.com/go.php?13615/4

But I would be out of line if I did not tell you about what I consider the BEST private label rights sites.

Four:: Newsletter Content

There you go. Just check them out.

Three:: MP3 Upsell

Many of the materials you buy will be too long or have too many unneeded sections. If someone buys your product, or an affiliate product youre partnering in, provide the content as a bonus.

Eight:: Video Script

No long sales pitch. The article would be used as the script for the audio. Strip out the fluff and stuff and leave yourself with a tight and right special report. Charge $4.95 to cover the shipping and handling. He has been in internet marketing for over a year, blending his previous knowledge and entrepreneurial skills with the latest internet technology. You can do the same with PLR articles and ebooks.

Private Label Rights. Take each chapter and make it one email. You also have private label rights to a book called Dog Training in 30 Days or Less. You could record an MP3 of the book and sell it for an additional $10.

Five:: Lead Generation CD

First, Nicheology, This is for you if you want ebooks and sales letters because you want to sell products.

Nine:: Blog Posts

Put your name on the private label rights resources and make them a bonus. Enclose sales materials for your upsell to your main offer.

Affiliates need tools in order to sell your products effectively. Brazis

Author’s Bio:

Steven J. Use PLR resources that match your product for articles, emails, audio, video or bonuses for your affiliates to use. Brown and Ryan Deiss.

Two:: Signing Bonus

Grab some excerpts and insert them into your newsletters. He is the author of the internetmoney.onlinenewsprobe.com blog.

Both were started by Jimmy D. Take four or five PLR on the same topic as your product and burn them to a CD. The ultimate shortcut. Its always tough to write every word yourself and if you can find some a PLR to fit your market, then youve got some instant filler.

One:: Buying Bonus

This is perfect for private label rights ebooks. Most folks are looking for PLR ebooks and articles to use , but theres so much more you can do with them.

Second, Content Gold Mine, this is for you if you enjoy article marketing and making money with affiliates programs or Adsense.

Ten:: Affiliate Program Material

Lets say you have an ebook on dog training. Brazis is dentist by profession and has three corporations of his own. Content provided for you, that you get to put your name on, call your own, and claim the profits. Ten ways to use PLR content.. Trying to fill a blog for Adsense or affiliate sales? Make a post a day with PLR material.

This idea is great for a high ticket item or if you have a membership site

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