How to Watch Live English Premier League Football in Europe via Satellite or Live Streaming Internet

If, however, you rent an apartment for part of the year that is nowhere near an English Bar, you may want to consider buying an extra SkyBox and taking your card with you on holiday for use abroad.

Of course, it all depends on whether you are planning to, or are, living in Europe what package you decide you may want.

Many European resorts have at least one English Bar that will have a Sky subscription to show all the games, and several bars have gone that extra mile especially for football fans by installing Arab satellite television so that no games are missed.

The huge dishes are only needed for BBC and ITV; you may well find that a small dish is fine for SkySports on a subscription, but remember and do not tell Sky that you are planning to use your card abroad, as they may well cut the signal to your card.

Please refer back to my other article on television, you may want to consider the size of dish you will need.

I hope this has answered all questions anyone may have regarding the ability ot watch Premier League Football in Europe.

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