McConnell Walks Back His ‚??Optimism‚?? About GOP Convention Going to 2nd Ballot

And I hope that out of this process, no matter when it ends — first, second, third, or additional ballots — we’ll have a nominee who will be appealing to the American people and can actually win the election.”

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So not quite a “our top political priority over the next few months should be to deny Donald Trump a first term”…

This was his explanation:. And if that does not happen on the first ballot, there will be another ballot. So at his press conference today, according to CNN, he was asked to clarify and said, “You know, I thought you might ask that question.”

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McConnell Walks Back His Optimism About GOP Convention Going to 2nd Ballot | Mediaite

McConnell said in a local news interview yesterday that he is “increasingly optimistic that there will actually be a second ballot” and no one will hit 1237 the first time around.

mcconnell1-300x207Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has indicated he’s not a big Donald Trump fan, but today he had to hastily walk back a comment he made implying something about the GOP frontrunner’s chances at the convention.

Now, given the fact that Trump is the frontrunner, this was interpreted as relief on his part that The Donald will probably not be the nominee.

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“What I said, somewhat inartfully, is that we’ll have a nominee once we get to 1,237 votes

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