Millefiori Pendant Necklaces

Its easy to determine the expertise of the crafter in the intricacy of the millefiori created.

Today, many factories in Italy, France and England manufacture millefiori pendants and beads. Millefiori dates back to Ancient Roman, Phoenician and Alexandrian times. The name millefiori (1000 flowers) comes from the Italian mille (thousand) and fiori (flowers) and is usually made with Murano (ancient Venetian style) glass, hence the association of caned mosaic glassware being associated with Italy.. Glass millefiori is the most highly prized millefiori as it has a three dimensional, colourful appearance. Children are especially fascinated by the beauty of millefiori designs.

Millefiori is a glasswork technique which combines different coloured glass to make decorative, mosaic patterns. Glass millefiori is beautiful, ages well and is uplifting to look at. The technique of caning was revived in the nineteenth century in Venice, as interest grew in millefiori crafts and millefiori glass jewellery. You might have seen millefiori incorporated in glass paperweights, vases or made with polymer clay into bowls and candleholders

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