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Oilers Pick – NHL March 20th” />

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Our experts have done an extremely good job in past years with their picks and we look to continue our success in 2015. Bracket busted everyone. They have been looking fairly good on the west coast, beating the Canucks and Flames in their previous two games. Near the start of March, the Avs were around a 25% chance so they have been putting in some work lately. I am pretty quick to admit when I whiff on The Sports Geek. The simplest logic was that, I didn’t trust Coach Pop to CARE about sending a message.

Perhaps I was wrong. Road trips far away from home can be a troublesome… Read More

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NCAA Tournament Round Two Pick – Kentucky vs. The thrilling side of amazing upsets is that you get a moment of exhilaration and a great highlight… Read More

NCAA Tournament Round Two Pick - Kentucky vs. You like historic upsets? How about perhaps the craziest of all time, #15 Middle Tennessee State taking down the Vegas National Championship moneyline favorite, Michigan State. San Antonio... Read More

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Picks will be posted up until 2 hours prior to the games. Oilers Pick – NHL March 20th

The Colorado Avalanche are hanging on for dear life out in western Canada, as they strive for a playoff seed. Hornets Pick NBA – March 21th” />

Spurs vs. Sixers Pick NBA – March 20th

I took a few days away from the NBA beat with all the demands of March Madness taking center stage, and I must admit, I’m kind of glad I stayed away from last night’s Warriors at Spurs marquee matchup. With that said, we try our best to get them up as early as possible and most of the time they will be posted at least 5+ hours prior to game time. Hornets Pick NBA – March 21th

Things aren’t great in La La Land right now.  No, it’s not the usual stench from the Lakers that is the current cause for the concern; rather it is the really rough patch the Clippers can’t seem to shake their way out of right now.  Last night’s loss to the Pelicans without Anthony Davis might be the new low point.  It has been a season of odd turmoil in LA, highlighted by Blake Griffin braking his hand on their trainer’s face, but through… Read More

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George Washington vs. Villanova Pick NCAA Tournament + Bonus Pick

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I pushed my 2016 NCAA Tourney record to 6-1 ATS with a third straight underdog straight-up winner last night.   So it’s been a nice start to the Big Dance and a great bank-busting start if you are inclined for some more aggressive money line plays. Sixers Pick NBA – March 20th” />

Celtics vs. Rangers Pick – NHL March 21st” />

Panthers vs. The Avalanche currently have about a 50% chance of reaching the playoffs. Villanova Pick NCAA Tournament + Bonus Pick” />

Iowa vs. Monmouth Pick – NIT Round Two

Just when it seemed like we might have a relatively mundane final day of the last weekend, things got insane.  Bronson Koening hitting two three’s in the final moments of the game including a fallout corner buzzer-beating game winner wasn’t even close to the craziest thing of the evening.  No, that honor goes to the Northern Iowa Panthers, the little Cinderella who could, who instead became the worst collapsing team in NCAA history.  They squandered… Read More

Avalanche vs. Five of their last six games have come on the road, compiling a 2-4 record. The Rangers went 1-2 out west against the big 3 in California, the Kings, Sharks, and Ducks. Indiana

Simply put, it was one of the most memorable, exciting, dramatic, historic and just awesome days in the history of the opening round of the NCAA Tournament. Monmouth Pick – NIT Round Two” /></p>
<p>George Washington vs. The Spurs were laying four and a half to five depending upon the venue, and if FORCED to make a pick, I might have leaned Dubs. You have to be when… Read More</p>

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